How long is it since you’ve given yourself Time to Think? To stand back and evaluate where you are, what matters to you, and where you want to go?

‘Time to Think’ and the ‘Thinking environment’ are concepts introduced by Nancy Kline. Originally from the US, Nancy has lived in the UK for many years. Nancy wrote ‘Time to Think’ in 1999 and ‘More time to think’ in 2009. Nancy recounts how she was listened to very well by her father as a child, and how valued this made her feel. Nancy worked in a Friends School, and headed up a Leadership Institute – and all this time was noticing how certain ways of listening released higher quality thinking. She started researching which questions were most effective in triggering people’s thinking, and with fellow Time to Think colleagues made huge headway in forming questions that do just that.

I’m fortunate to have been trained by Nancy, and ‘Time to Think’ has had a profound effect on me.  I’ve also been licensed as a ‘Time to Think’ facilitator – further enabling me to hold space very well within groups and helping groups to learn to be as effective as possible.

1-2-1 Thinking Partnerships

I will be fully present with you while you do your best thinking, open up possibilities, and reconcile within yourself issues where you want clarity.

Having been trained by Nancy Kline in the Thinking Environment Approach, I offer Thinking Partnership sessions to those wanting to stand back, give themselves space to consider, review and process their thinking with a skilled listener. New insights will come as we hold space together. This will further enable you to do your best work and live your best life.

Transforming Meetings Workshops

Reboot your meetings - make them into places of connection and powerhouses of creativity for better results.

Choose from 4 modules and get introduced to meetings using the Thinking Environment Approach. As a licensed Time to Think Facilitator I unpack the benefits and ‘how to’ of innovative meeting interactions used to great effect by companies such as Johnson & Johnson. We will model and practise all the techniques so that you can take these away and introduce them.


Virtual Time to Think workshops January 2023

Unlock your team capability and potential using Thinking Environment meeting techniques.

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Maximize your business results with new problem-solving techniques

November 15th and 16th 2022.

Learn and experience highly effective techniques to reduce the noise, creating valuable thinking time. Focus in on what matters, and what will make the difference to your future success.

Prepare for future challenges and build your tool kit so you can respond in the most effective way to the bumps and cracks we meet on the road in a disrupted world.

Time to Think and Lego Serious Play methods:

  • release fresh new ideas for innovation and team strength
  • unlock team capability and potential
  • maximize results from precious meeting time.

All of these things will support you to pivot well in times of crises They will also provide solid foundations for business and team development and enable all of your team members to feel valued and engaged.

Join us for an insightful workshop and have tools to take away for immediate use with your teams.

Be introduced to the Thinking Environment and observe and practice holding a Thinking pair - a really useful way to improve connections between people and refuel your team dynamics.

The first 3 people to book will get a bonus of a 1-2-1 Thinking Session with Rachel Kochany, a licensed Time to Think facilitator - a real opportunity to stand back, gain a new fresh perspective, and refocus.

We are pleased to collaborate with Dan Barton at Bluestonex and Alisdair Bach from 180 in this future focused practical event.

For more information about the event, please see attached flier:

Futureproof your business

Contact me to find out more about upcoming face-to-face and virtual events


Charles McLachlan, The CEO Growth Company

"Rachel delivered a powerful session to my CEO development group. As a qualified Time To Think Facilitator, she delivered a compelling introduction to Nancy Kline’s Time to Think approach entitled 'Time to Think and the Thinking environment".

Amy Luckey, Amy Luckey Coaching and Consulting

"Rachel is a stellar ambassador for bringing deep listening and thinking into our business practices – which, when facilitated well, result in better outcomes for our businesses and for the people that work there".