Testimonials for Coaching & Time to Think

"I have highly valued having Rachel as a thinking partner for the past couple of years. In our scheduled sessions, she provides the space for me to explore my thoughts and feelings on whatever topic I choose to bring. Her attentive listening and presence support me to find new depths of understanding myself and my situation, from which I find clarity and a way forward. She is intuitive, accepting and empathic, which enables me to take my thinking beyond where I have gone before. Her approach is highly supportive, whilst also respectfully challenging assumptions and behaviour patterns as needed. I enjoy working with Rachel and would highly recommend her."

Sue Gammons, Coaching Director, GSK

"Rachel was my Coach when I was planning my transition from fulltime employment to a new lifestyle. The coaching helped me be clear on what mattered to me and what would give me a sense of worth and purpose. Rachel's coaching transformed my thinking about the transition, meaning I did not rush into new employment, I'm pleased to say I am very happy with where I am now."

Susan Graves, Project Delivery Professional, npower 

"I greatly valued Rachel's time. Rachel’s ability to ask the right questions allows you to answer at your own pace after reflection and provides a platform, a safe environment where one can be open, honest, reflective and share what is on their heart. I found the time we had flew past, I was able to explore a few ’things’ that had been on my heart and once aired gave me greater clarity and the feeling that I could move forward in those areas. I would highly recommend anyone seeking space to think and express themselves to approach Rachel’s company. I can only see amazing outcomes from this process emerging for all those participating."

Gavin Fearey, Legal Counsel, Winstead PC

"Rachel’s process brought clarity at a critical time when thinking through a 2021 personal development plan to share with my law firm. Quite simply, there was space to think. Glimpsed ideas took shape quickly into a practical action plan. I wholeheartedly recommend setting aside space in a busy schedule for this."

Grant Phypers, Director, The Lion Leadership Ltd

"Working with Rachel over time, I've found that engaging with Rachel is always very easy, natural and intuitive, leading to a happy outcome time and again. Rachel is an excellent facilitator and listener, and as a result, her 'Time To Think' sessions are always very useful for me. In particular what I enjoy about her sessions is the way she's actively listening and encouraging, and that really helps to unstick the problems I'm struggling with before each session. Rachel is both 100% professional and ethical, so working with Rachel is a real pleasure. As a result I'm absolutely happy to recommend Rachel to everyone looking for a coach and facilitator, either for individual work or group work."

Patrick Lauruol, Startup Coach, Pirate Startups

"I’d like to recommend Rachel as a coach. She did a Nancy Kline listening session with me and it was so good! It really helped meclarify my thinking about a future work project. Rachel is kind,empathic and a great listener. She’s skilled at creating a safespace where you can explore things. I highly recommend her!"

Nanci Hogan, Thought Leader, Thrive Worldwide

Rachel inspired me to bring Time to Think to a nonprofit that was navigating challenging decisions regarding equity and inclusion. The experience provided no less than a breakthrough moment in which leaders gained greater understanding of each others’ perspectives, as well as of their own thoughts and feelings. Since the session, participants have drawn on these insights as they move the initiative forward.

Rachel is a stellar ambassador for bringing deep listening and thinking into our business practices – which, when facilitated well, result in better outcomes for our businesses and for the people that work there.

Amy Luckey, Amy Luckey Coaching & Consulting


Testimonials for consulting assignments

"Rachel is a very focused high performer who is a genuine pleasure to work with. She creates an open and friendly atmosphere that makes working easy and fun. She maintains momentum and ensures things do not drop off the radar; as a people person she regularly meets with her team to ensure things are on track and any obstacles are removed so the team can succeed."

Kevin McAleer, Director, Advice Factory Ltd

"I have no hesitation in recommending Rachel. She worked with me on the Management Information, Reporting and Planning project at the British Council. She was very proactive, knowledgeable and virtually single headedly implemented the time logging work stream in Poland within a very short space of time. She has a brilliant way of engaging with people and her organisational and communication skills are second to none. She engaged at all levels strategic and operational. A very impressive and consummate professional who was a pleasure to work with. "

Richard Flores-Moore, Director, Red Parachute


Testimonial for facilitation

"I first worked with Rachel when I was launching a new forum for senior HR professionals. She was one of 5 associates that I brought together to work with me to develop the Strategy for ‘telling the story’ about the forum and to help me frame the outreach to the HR community. As part of our work, Rachel led an exercise whereby we easily learnt more about each other; shared what was important to us; and pooled knowledge about what we could each contribute to the steering strategy. This was using a number of techniques including Thinking Environment which was instrumental in allowing us all to feel included, valued and able to think really well, without judgement.

This work is useful as it would help teams expand their repertoire of tools and approaches for teamwork, to act differently with their teams and to get better results by having Rachel facilitate for them or train their teams. It certainly worked for us.

What is even more compelling in my view, is that we were relative strangers at the start of the day and yet by the end of it, we felt very connected. So much so, subsequently Rachel and I have stayed in touch.

Rachel’s input really helped us to start the day from a strong shared perspective, to appreciate each other’s experience, outlook, and strengths as we all came from very different backgrounds both personally and professionally.

In addition, it helped us to focus, making rapid progress on our agenda and importantly we got a great outcome from a day’s work.

Importantly for me, we also had an enjoyable day together as people – because we all felt valued, appreciated, and that we had fully played our part on the journey we were starting together, thanks to Rachel’s input and expertise."

Debra Cadman, Cadman HR