Unlock your team capability and potential using Thinking Environment meeting techniques.

Tuesday 10th January 2023- Wednesday 8th February 2023

I’m excited to be running 3 virtual sessions from mid Jan to late Feb to showcase this powerful approach. You will be part of a small group of leaders learning alongside each other - and will leave the sessions with new insight and actionable tools to introduce immediately into your workplace.


As a licensed Time to Think facilitator, I’ve seen the positive impact released by these tools – and want you to be able to benefit from them too.


Session 1: Experience the benefits of taking Time to Think.

Join us for this first session where I explain the provenance of this approach, and model a Thinking Pair. You will then have the opportunity to hold your own thinking session with a partner. This is the most important building block for Thinking Environment work.

See how powerful this is, and the impact it brings. Deepen your ability to really listen to the people and the environment around you - and reap significant rewards in your 1-2-1, team, and meeting interactions.


Session 2: Practice advanced group tools to help you:

  • include, value, and engage everyone present during group and team sessions
  • make more space for diverse views resulting in richer, and more fruitful discussions
  • generate more innovative and creative ideas
  • build more trust and understanding with people you lead and work alongside
  • leverage this new thinking to move forward confidently and achieve greater results.

You and your teams will be better equipped to work well together - and will be more empowered to pivot at speed in response to the next challenge.


Session 3: Be part of a group problem smashing session and learn how to use this highly successful Time to Think method to:

  • illuminate challenges and problems you and your teams face
  • increase understanding of the situation through peer support and insight
  • use time well to bring concentrated focus to an issue - in order to move forwards well
  • gain clarity on next steps and find actionable solutions.

Cut through issues more quickly and effectively, making best use of precious time.

Don't waste headspace on feeling stuck when you can discover ways of making progress.


How will you run the sessions?

Capped at 8 participants, we will be a select group.

This will give opportunities for deep learning - immersing yourself in the techniques - embedding them so that you can use them straight away in the workplace.


When is this happening and how can I sign up?

Sign up to the introductory session for the best overview, and solid foundation for the package.


Session 1: Experience the benefits of Time to Think - see and take part in a Thinking Session

10th January 230pm (1 hour) OR

23rd January 3pm (1 hour)


Session 2: Advanced collection of group tools to enable you and your teams to thrive

25 January 230pm (2.5 hrs)


Session 3: Problem smashing session - technique and practice

7 February 230pm (2.5 hours)

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Further questions?

Join me, Rachel Kochany, on my free open hour, taking place on  at 12 noon on 16th January 2023,  to hear about Time to Think, the benefits for you, your 1-2-1 and team interactions - & to ask about my workshops.

Secure your place today.



Maximize your business results with new problem solving techniques

November 15th and 16th 2022.

Learn and experience highly effective techniques to reduce the noise, creating valuable thinking time. Focus in on what matters, and what will make the difference to your future success.

Prepare for future challenges and build your tool kit so you can respond in the most effective way to the bumps and cracks we meet on the road in a disrupted world.

Time to Think and Lego Serious Play methods:

  • release fresh new ideas for innovation and team strength
  • unlock team capability and potential
  • maximize results from precious meeting time.

All of these things will support you to pivot well in times of crises They will also provide solid foundations for business and team development and enable all of your team members to feel valued and engaged.

Join us for an insightful workshop and have tools to take away for immediate use with your teams.

Be introduced to the Thinking Environment and observe and practice holding a Thinking pair - a really useful way to improve connections between people and refuel your team dynamics.

The first 3 people to book will get a bonus of a 1-2-1 Thinking Session with Rachel Kochany, a licensed Time to Think facilitator - a real opportunity to stand back, gain a new fresh perspective, and refocus.

We are pleased to collaborate with Dan Barton at Bluestonex and Alisdair Bach from 180 advisory.com in this future focused practical event.

For more information about the event, please see attached flier:

Futureproof your business

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