Executive Coach

In addition to coaching external clients I acted as an Internal coach within the British Council – coaching UK & overseas colleagues pursuing  a career change. Their options increased and they acted with greater confidence and impact, securing their chosen roles.


Project management

25 years successfully delivering projects to clients’ satisfaction

Navigating complex organisational politics, negotiating scope creep,  consistently delivering agreed outcomes.

Confident chair of Project board meetings. Practised communicator of project aims & outcomes prior to, during & after project life cycle.

Collaborative approach drawing out skills/expertise/contacts of project team/board members.

Effective identification of project risks; corralling of support from sponsor/stakeholders.

Example: EU Integration project, Poland, for British Government Know How Fund. As Project Manager in the field ensured delivery of well received project in 13 project streams for over 1000 participants


Business Analysis

14 years accurately diagnosing customer needs and converting them into effective design for system build and process change.

Effective delivery in response to clients' requests for change. Assessment and explanation of impact of change on user/process efficiency.

Example: Consultant Database Project for Projects Department.  I developed the method for a bespoke management information system which strengthened the organisation's ability to secure top consultants and place them in winning project bids. Review carried out 4 years later showed that numbers of suitable CV's had risen by 500%. 88% of respondents rated the quality of consultants secured and 77%  rated the quality of CV’s provided, as good.

The success can be attributed to correctly understanding complex and conflicting requirements; drafting and enabling an agreed Project Definition; aligning the stakeholders; and engaging the correct staff in the capture of User Requirements.


International diplomacy, liaison and coordination

5 years working in Poland with the British Council on an international platform .

Networked successfully with high level contacts including Ambassadors, making best use of opportunities to bring positive impact for the UK

Example: as Director of Conference Steering committee for major international conference ‘Europe 2021: Beyond visible and invisible borders’ gathered members from a wide range of partner organisations and professional disciplines, skilfully chaired, and guided them towards an effective and well-balanced final agenda.

Personally negotiated with and briefed the keynote speakers, also led the in-house conference team.


Significant track record of working with Government departments & partner organisations to achieve shared aims

Examples: Managed Womens’ NGO Training and Development project. Facilitated brainstorming session with Lesley Abdela to identify common needs and overall aims (ToR). Ran tender to identify best suppliers, and commissioned training & consultancy package for combined group of women’s organisations including those working to increase womens’ participation in the Polish parliament, working against domestic violence, and feminist groups.

Worked with Centre for the Advancement of Women to produce Polish adaptation of acclaimed Women’s Personal development programme Springboard. My team in Poland and other BC Warsaw staff took part in the pilot project to test the approach.


SAP Solution Architect, Business Process Lead, System Configuration 

Global rollout of SAP across network of 80 countries. Trusted advisor to the business on process, policy and the best fit with system options. Specific focus on Projects, Time logging and CRM. Technical project management.

Provided specialist  knowledge and collaborated effectively with the training and rollout teams to make the rollout a success.

Excellent grasp of strategy, process, system requirements & opportunities – enabling me to propose best way forward & smooth decision-making when working with senior staff.

Ongoing proactive engagement with customers to ensure system and process meet their needs, and enable their work to be effective


Managing international teams

Effective management of cross cultural international teams to drive projects for results & to enhance staff personal development.